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Dive into my world of trauma recovery, healing poetry,  relationship development and leadership guidance. 

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An introduction to the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach to trauma recovery. Discover the basis for this evidence-based, therapeutic approach to
trauma recovery. 

let's get personal

Compassion Fatigue: my story

“I just can’t do this anymore.” 
I was burned out, and the work was taking a serious toll on my own physical and mental health. 

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Discover the truth about the effects of trauma on the brain and body and develop a new understanding of the recovery process. Explore with curiosity. 

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Enjoy reading my poetry and immerse yourself in my inner world of creativity, healing, love, emotional depth, and triumph after trauma.

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Read about all the ways you can share your voice, own your truth AND create $$$ while doing what you love as an impactful, service based business owner.

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hello there.

I’m monika,
YOUR trauma, Grief + perinatal loss recovery guide

I show heart-led humans how to navigate the murky waters of trauma, grief, and
perinatal loss. 

I offer strategic, step-by-step IFS-informed coaching methods that will help you create a path forward that feels safe and purposeful after experiencing deep emotional pain. I believe that every individual has the innate power within them to heal, even after experiencing traumatic loss. Together, we can navigate trauma, grief, and perinatal loss in a connected and empowering way.  

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Are you a

require all us-based
OB-GYNS to be trained in trauma-Informed Patient care

Please take a moment to sign the petition on requiring ALL US-Based OB-GYN physicians to be trained in trauma-informed perinatal loss care. Together we can help make a change. 

ready to heal?

come home to your self.

Get ready for intensive trauma, grief and perinatal loss recovery and discover powerful Self-leadership. During a session with me, we'll work closely together to identify how trauma distortions and unresolved grief might be preventing you from fully thriving in life.
We'll develop a clear plan of action that will help you shift towards integrated healing and a renewed sense of purpose. 



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Join me on YouTube and listen to my Trauma Recovery 101 Video Series where my colleagues and I chat about talk all things trauma and healing.

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