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Welcome to my world of trauma recovery! In my bog, you'll find valuable articles about trauma recovery, relationships, and leadership development. I'm so grateful that you've felt called to drop in and connect with me here. 

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Hi, I'm monika

Survivors know:

Extremism and complex trauma go hand-in-hand. But, once you develop self-awareness, healing the extreme strategies of your protective parts is possible. 

Persecution is judgment in its more extreme form. 

Isolation is loneliness in its more extreme form. 

Exile is exclusion in its most extreme form.

↑ ↑ ↑These are the extremes that many survivors of complex trauma will turn to when triggered. For someone who developed in a supportive, wholesome environment as a child, these extremes may sound harsh. 

But to a survivor of complex trauma, these inputs are familiar and necessary for their survival. They represent the extreme survival strategies of their protective parts. 

For example, a survivor’s truth may sound like: ↓ ↓ ↓

“When someone judges me, I feel persecuted.”

“When I feel lonely, I feel abandoned and extremely isolated from Self and others.”

“When I feel excluded, I feel exiled and cast aside.”

So if you’re a survivor of complex trauma, then I want you to know this….and LISTEN close….. ↓

You are not too extreme. 

You are not too sensitive. 

You are not too dramatic. 

You are not too much. 

You are not too complicated. 

You are perfect exactly as you are. 

You are a human being who was set up to be challenged in life and relationships. 

You are a human being who was not equipped to develop mature emotions. 

You are a human being who was not given the right tools to self-regulate as a child. 

You are a human being who was not witnessed, heard, seen, or validated as a child. 

You are a human being who was not equipped with healthy developmental strategies as a child. 

You may have experienced horrible atrocities. 

You may have lived your life feeling confused and disconnected from Self and others. 

You may have caused serious harm to the people closest to you because of your developmental disadvantages. 

It is not your fault that your brain developed this way but….

Now that you’re grown up, it’s your responsibility AND, I believe, your birthright to heal your brain and body from the impact of trauma and thrive. 

The extreme survival strategies that you developed to survive as a traumatized child are most likely hurting you, and the people you love. They have the power to isolate you and sabotage your most intimate connections. 

In recovery, you can learn how to soften your protective parts and unburden your wounded inner child parts. 

You can learn how to develop new, healthy strategies to keep you safe and secure in your internal world. 

And when this happens for you….

Your whole (internal) world will shift. 

As a consequence, your external circumstances will shift, too. 

Your relationships can repair. 

You can develop inner security. 

Your healing journey can begin today, if you’re ready. All you have to do is commit. 

If you’re ready to commit to the process of recovery from complex trauma, send me a an email and let me know how I can support you. 

I  would be honored to guide you as you come home to your Self and heal. 

In loving service, 



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