Monika Hendrix

Sharing your story:
the fear of judgment

“How do I share THAT without upsetting (insert person/people who might judge your share)?” 

↑ ↑ ↑ This is such a common dilemma among my clients and I too, have felt this way in regards to some of my more vulnerable shares on social media. 

As an online business owner/coach/leader, it’s super important that your audience feels connected to you in some capacity. 

You create emotional connection by sharing your story. 

And let’s be honest-not everyone has a happy tale to tell. 

There may be parts of your past that you’re still healing through, and there may be people from your past that you’d like to share about but don’t know how without causing harm. 

I promise…there is a solution for this. 

You can maintain your integrity and dignity while sharing your story with vulnerable truth without hurting the feelings of others. 

You do this by maintaining anonymity whenever possible, and omitting names and identities of past violators who hurt you. 
You can still write with vulnerable, authentic self expression without over-sharing. 

If you’ve struggled with telling your story because you're afraid to share what really happened, this can be a tender wound to heal. 

Maybe you don't want to offend that one ex, or family member, etc.. 

You might feel like you can't fully be yourself online because you're afraid of receiving the judgments of others...OR...maybe you recently quit your job and now, as a full time entrepreneur, you're paranoid about your former boss seeing your new online business. 

If you're struggling with sharing your story-whether it's online in a post or in the "About" section of your website, you absolutely want to heal your internal shame and/or fear of judgment as it will impede your ability to create a thriving business. 

Ask yourself the following:

→“Why am I afraid to share my story?"

→ “Who might I offend if I share my truth?"

→ “How can I tastefully share my truth without exposing other people who may feel upset if I name them?"

→ “What is it costing me to stay silent?"

→ “Who would I be if I fully liberated myself and shared my truth?"

→ “How might that new identity feel?” 

Remember, you don't need to overshare. Your prospects don't need to hear a war story. They want to hear about how you overcame your struggles. They want to hear about the glory, not just the pain. 

You can also keep things anonymous but generalizing in your copy. For example, "I am a survivor of childhood trauma." vs "I was regularly abused by my stepfather." This is YOUR STORY. You get to decide what you want share, where you share it, and when to share it. :: There is no right or wrong way, only the way that feels true for you. :: 

The moment you stop caring about what other people think of you is the moment your online business will begin to thrive. 

And, I’d venture to say that other areas of your life will open up beautifully when you release your fear of judgment. 

Share the post. 

Speak your truth. 

Make bold moves. 

And never stop sharing your heart. 

If you need some help with the way you show up online and could use a little boost of courage, I’ve got you covered. 

Inside EmpoweredUP, our signature 6 month program of healing and high performance for the conscious biz owner, my partner and I will teach you exactly how you can repurpose your copy, tell your story, and feel safe and true while doing so. 

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