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What I Offer

I offer 1:1 coaching and group support for trauma and loss survivors. I specialize in working with individuals who struggle with unresolved trauma, grief, and perinatal loss. My coaching practice encompasses an IFS (Internal Family Systems) based approach to trauma, grief and loss recovery. When we work together we will heal your brain and body from the impact of traumatic loss so you can live an empowered life with renewed clarity, meaningful connection and purpose.

I'm here to show you how you can integrate your painful past, create long lasting inner peace and personal freedom and create a life you're truly connected to. 

My personalized 1:1 coaching offerings are IFS-informed. They are designed to assist you with developing a clear understanding of your internal system. As we work together, I'll be guiding you through all of the next steps you'll take in order to create internal attachment restoration and achieve restorative healing from the effects of your painful past.  I firmly believe you can become your own most powerful recovery coach. 

We're in this together.

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Ways to thrive Together

1:1 Mentorship

Enjoy a 3 Month or 1 Year VIP Mentorship with me where we will dive deep into IFS parts work, trauma, grief and loss recovery. This is for you if you want the closest proximity to me while we work together.  1:1 sessions are typically offered weekly, with follow up in-between. 

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1:1 Packages

1:1 Session Packages are offered as (5) 1.5 hour sessions with me over the course of 3 months.
Custom PDF's are included for extra support. 

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Monthly Support 

Enroll in one of my signature mini-containers or monthly support groups and enjoy a lighter investment while we work together. Join the Grief Support for Loss Moms: (5) Healing Containers OR Monthly Grief Support Cirlces.

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1:1 Support

You can join one of my 3 month or 1 Year VIP 1:1 private client containers after completing an introductory Connection Session.

1:1 Session Packages also available. 

My methods of coaching and healing are very unique, organic and personalized. I will customize the focus of our work around your goals. Our relationship will revolve and evolve around supporting YOU at all times. While I do not solve your problems, I will hold you accountable to a plan of action that is designed with your success in mind. 

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You want to enjoy 1:1 private client container and be supported with a higher level of care. 

monthly grief support for loss moms

Monthly healing containers that offer an IFS-informed treatment framework to guide you on how to navigate life with perinatal loss.


You've experienced perinatal loss and are struggling with navigating next steps in life. 

I’ve created a sequence of  5 healing containers that will guide through every. single. phase. of your baby loss journey. From the moment you hear the words: “there’s no heartbeat” or you see that first tinge of blood on the bedsheets….from the moment your doctor hands you your baby who has transitioned before you could hear their first cry…or the moment you throw your hands up to the sky and declare “I’m done with this”..or the moment you find out your unborn baby has a medical condition that makes them incompatible with life  …these containers will gently hold and guide you through it all.

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Grief Support Circles  

Struggling with feelings of heavy grief, sorrow and confusion after your loss(es)? Come join us inside our monthly grief support circles and receive the support you deserve.  

$20 to attend. 

We meet every third Wednesday of the month at 7 PM EST.

Zoom link provided upon sign up.

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You're seeking a virtual grief support group where you can receive professional counseling while connecting with fellow grievers. 

Monika is aligned with her client's visions and needs. She is also knowledgeable and skilled in her work and provides great insights and fresh ideas to help her clients expand and grow in their work, lives, and businesses. She is a pleasure to work with. 


real results

farrah healed her inner child 

“Monika has helped me to love myself on a deep level, leaving no choice but to begin to heal.”

I have grown in maturity, no longer the stunted little girl from our first phone conversation. I have learned how to nurture my inner girl and keep her safe. I have learned how to intercept negative thought patterns and replace them with empowered words and action. 

- Farrah

travis has opened his heart

“From our initial introductory call, I felt a real sense of ease when speaking to her.”

Dealing with childhood trauma was something I always knew I needed to tackle, but never met the right person to help me get started on the journey. With the right tools, Monika helped me unlock a part of myself I kept hidden deep down for many years. 

- Travis

glenda created results in her business

“I've put the work into action, and continue to see results and growth in my business!”

- Glenda

real results

“Monika is a coach that cares and operates from her heart. I could not recommend her enough and I'm so grateful!”

She is wise, experienced, caring and intuitive, and a wonderful guide in helping me navigate my future goals and aspirations, while understanding how much business and success ties to emotional health, traumas, and personal wellbeing. I could not recommend Monika enough!

- Petra, Writer & Life Coach


"What I enjoyed most about my  experience with Monika is her regard to safety and building true connection.

Monika understands what it means to create an open space for a trauma survivor and her approach is genuine and authentic. She cares deeply about the work she does with you and it's felt!"

- Caro L., Feminine Leadership Coach


My Manifesto:

“all of life is in service to love. love of self, love of others, and love of the moment.”

- monika hendrix


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come home to your self & heal

Find in-depth healing, meaningful connection and inner transformation following your loss. 



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