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Welcome to my world of trauma recovery! In my bog, you'll find valuable articles about trauma recovery, relationships, and leadership development. I'm so grateful that you've felt called to drop in and connect with me here. 

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Hi, I'm monika

“Who am I?"
That question can be so complex…but my answer is very simple: I am a soul having a human experience. I am also a mentor, healer, humanitarian, and poet. Before I go any further, I want to take a moment to introduce myself to you in a more intimate way, so that you can decide if we vibe. 

Let’s go back to the beginning…

While growing up I was the black sheep in my family. My parents split up by the time I had turned two, and I lived with my mother and grandparents until the age of six. Those years were the best! Life, however, took a different turn for me by the time I had turned seven. My mother remarried, and we moved out of my grandparents home into a small apartment in town. From then on my home life was unpredictable, unstable, and emotionally unhealthy. I never felt like I “fit-in”...with my family members, or with the other kids at school. I was a shy, wildly creative, tall, lanky, left-handed, dorky little girl who had challenges feeling comfortable in her own skin.
I had those challenges because somewhere along the way, someone told me I was “weird” or “too intense”...or maybe I was shamed by a teacher for expressing my creativity while in class…and I internalized their judgments. I experienced abuse as a child and had a hard time forming emotional connections with others as a result. By the age of 10, I experienced the sudden death of my grandfather, who was more like a father to me. This devastated me, and from the impact of that traumatic loss plus my unstable home environment, I developed unhealthy coping mechanisms. I was taken to a child psychiatrist where I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and was put on medication. A few years later, at the young age of 14, I went through some extremely challenging and devastating experiences. What came after were very dark years. The internalization of the projections from others led to a lot of rebellious behavior in my adolescent years. Rebellion, along with soul-abandonment; I abandoned my passions, my creativity, and all the things that lit my soul on fire. The repressed creativity and denial of my essence brought about a lot of pain…

Little Me, Circa 1988

teenage me, circa 1999

Pain that I carried around, unconsciously for many, many years. In my adult years I struggled with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and bouts of depression. By the time I turned 20, I fell pregnant and dropped out of college. I became the embodiment of shame when my family found out. I went through that pregnancy very alone, and scared…but I got through it. By the time I was 25, I was in a very unhealthy marriage with two small children, living in a brand new house, and I thought: “I can’t believe this is my life!” Although my marriage was unstable, I felt that I had finally found my place in life. 
In the years that followed, I divorced, remarried, and divorced again. 

Perinatal loss joined my story in 2013 and I struggled to cope with extreme grief after losing my first baby when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I turned to mind altering substances to avoid feeling my grief. I was emotionally numb. I wore many egoic “masks” to cover up the low self-esteem that I carried around.

I was seeking people, places, and things outside of myself to try and fill the void inside my soul. It was never enough, and I was in so much pain. BUT-you know what they say....pain can be a powerful motivator, and one of our greatest teachers.

materialistic me, circa 2012

I don’t really remember exactly when it happened but eventually, the pain of denial became so unbearable that I felt I had no other choice but to surrender, and I chose to begin the healing process. I chose to take responsibility for my circumstances. I chose to explore myself, and I began to honor those parts of me that had been rejected so many years ago. I tried therapy, alternative/holistic healing methods, explored my spirituality, and did intensive 1:1 work with two different incredible mentors. There were many times when I would literally find myself sobbing, my arms wrapped around my chest, giving myself back all the love that little Monika was crying out for. And let me tell you, I’m SO grateful for the truth. The truth being that I am an expression of love and that I am perfect, exactly as I am. I’m so grateful to be free from the chains of guilt and shame that I carried around my whole life. 

I founded my practice, Heartcore Coaching, in 2016 after experiencing my own inner transformation. At first, I was immersed in Reiki and as a Reiki Master Teacher, the bulk of my practice was focused on energy healing. I pivoted in my healing business when I discovered the world of personal development and transitioned into coaching fully in 2018. 

I have since had the pleasure of coaching 100+ individuals from all over the world. 

My trauma-trained background is vast. 
In the past, I’ve worked as a court appointed special advocate for children in the system who’ve experienced abuse and neglect. I presently hold a position as the Director of Trauma-Informed Wellness for the Peer Institute for Family Success, a national non-profit dedicated to empowering families with the resources and tools they need to be successful. 

When I discovered Internal Family Systems therapy (parts work) in 2019, my recovery process transformed even further and I developed a deeper understanding of my true Self. I knew right then, that IFS parts work was what I wanted to practice for the rest of my life. 

I furthered my studies at the IFS Institute to include Level 1 training in the IFS Therapeutic Model for Trauma Recovery. I am a certified IFS Level 1 Practitioner. I am also specialty trained in Perinatal Loss Care.

In 2022 I experienced my second unexplained second trimester loss, and another early loss. The death of my son propelled me further in my journey of service. 

I strive to provide a compassionate, understanding and safe space for my clients to unpack their past traumas and losses so they can integrate their grief and and begin to thrive in the present moment.

I believe that every traumatic loss survivor has the power within to heal and thrive after trauma, grief and loss. I believe that you can become your own most powerful recovery coach.

Recovery Me, Circa 2021

My clients are individuals who are seeking guidance with their own healing process, whether that be healing from traumatic loss, perinatal loss, processing grief, trauma, or a combination of all of the above.

My methods of coaching are based on the Internal Family Systems Therapeutic Model. While I do not solve your problems, I will hold you accountable to a plan of action that is designed with your success in mind. 

Each healing modality that I’ve discovered over the years and put into practice is a gift that continues to bring unlimited joy and peace into the lives of my clients. They have opened up space for deep, authentic and soulful connections. 

My hope, is that you too, can experience the spiritual freedom that comes forward once you step into your power, come home to your Self, and HEAL.

-Monika Hendrix 

background and certifications

Monika Hendrix is a certified trauma, grief and perinatal loss specialist, poet, and activist. Her practice specializes in IFS-informed, therapeutic coaching for individuals who’ve experienced traumatic loss, grief, and/or perinatal loss. She founded her practice in 2016, after experiencing her own inner transformation. 

As a trauma survivor and loss mom herself, she recognizes the safety and empowerment that trauma-informed principles bring to her practice.

Monika provides a compassionate and empowering safe space for her clients to unpack their past traumas and losses so they can come to a place of compassionate understanding, integration and meaningful connection in their lives. 

Her field of study includes training and certification in various concentrations such as coaching with a focus on trauma-informed care, the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapeutic model for trauma recovery (Level 1 Certified by the IFS Institute), Perinatal Loss Care (Specialty Trained) and Reiki (Master Teacher Level). She is a trained court appointed special advocate for children who have experienced abuse and trauma. She is also the Director of Trauma Informed Wellness for the Peer Institute for Family Success, a national non-profit corporation dedicated to empowering children and families with the tools they need to achieve independent and family success. 

Today, Monika is currently working on writing her first book for loss moms and devotes her time to her loved ones, her clients and her passions.


An introduction to the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach to trauma recovery. Discover the basis for this evidence-based, therapeutic approach to
trauma recovery. 

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