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"Old Soul" is the original poem that was written by me during a time when I was just beginning to live a recovery based life. It is my most treasured piece that offers hope and healing. 


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"Looking Glass" is a poetic portrayal of the journey home to Self. It is an intimate expression of what it's like to have discovered and witness the Self for the very first time. One of my best pieces yet. 

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just imagine 

What if you could have everything you ever dreamed of in your next romantic relationship? This one is for my dreamy romantics-at-heart.

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taking a second look inside

Journey into your internal world and discover all the ways in which you may have been holding back from living as your fully expressed Self. "Wandering Eyes" is a poem for self love. 

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hello there.

I’m monika,
YOUR trauma, Grief + perinatal loss recovery guide

I show heart-led humans how to navigate the murky waters of trauma, grief, and
perinatal loss. 

I offer strategic, step-by-step IFS-informed coaching methods that will help you create a path forward that feels safe and purposeful after experiencing deep emotional pain. I believe that every individual has the innate power within them to heal, even after experiencing traumatic loss. Together, we can navigate trauma, grief, and perinatal loss in a connected and empowering way.  

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ready to heal?

come home to your self.

Get ready for intensive trauma, grief and perinatal loss recovery and discover powerful Self-leadership. During a session with me, we'll work closely together to identify how trauma distortions and unresolved grief might be preventing you from fully thriving in life.
We'll develop a clear plan of action that will help you shift towards integrated healing and a renewed sense of purpose. 



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