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HEY, beautiful soul, you can thrive after trauma, GRIEF, & LOSS:

discover the power of ifs 

In my practice, the goal of trauma and grief recovery is always embodied Self Leadership. When you embody Self, you are living from your core essence.  You're able to navigate the trials and tribulations of your life in a calm and empowered way. 
Accessing and staying in Self requires healing the wounded parts of you so that you can live with renewed clarity, inner peace and renewed purpose. I guide my clients towards permanent healing by using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapeutic Model for Trauma Recovery. IFS is backed by evidence-based neuroscience to help traumatized individuals achieve PERMANENT healing. 
It's my personal belief that you can heal from ANYTHING and I believe you CAN recover from ANY devastating trauma or loss, one day at a time! 

SURE, YOU *COULD* heal on your own.

But if you're anything like me, you do better when you're guided by someone who's been exactly where you are.  I am here to guide you through your process.

I offer 1-1 intensive trauma, grief and loss recovery coaching, and group support for heart-led humans just like you who have experienced the devastation of complex trauma, grief, and/or loss.  I believe you are a powerful Self healer and leader and I believe in the power of Self-leadership.  I know that you have the power within you to heal your brain and body from the impact of trauma, grief and loss. I believe you can exist in a new reality that feels empowered, purposeful, and connected. 

Sound too good to be true? I promise you, it isn't. I am living proof and it would be my honor to guide you in this process.  Read my full bio for more details...

Just ask yourself: 

Have you lost a baby or a child and you don't know how to experience life without them?

Are you someone who struggles with letting go of feelings of shame and guilt that stem from a traumatic childhood and painful past experiences? 

Have your relationships suffered as a result of your unresolved traumas?

Have you experienced heart-wrenching loss, and now suffer from extreme grief?

Are you fearful of what your life might be like if you were to change your current situation? 

Do you get a sense that you don't even know who you are anymore since you lost your loved one?

Do you believe deep down that you must make some changes in order to up-level your life? 

Are you hurting on the inside because you feel misunderstood in your grieving process by the people closest to you?

Do you have challenges functioning in your day-to-day life due to unresolved grief and loss? 

Do you have a past that you’re not proud of?

Do you feel all alone in your grief and loss journey to the point where you've isolated yourself even further?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you're in the right place! 


real results

"Monika is kind and open, our sessions always help make me feel grounded and clearer around my next steps."

Having her guidance has helped me move beyond stumbling blocks and patterns that I’ve been stuck in for years. Throughout our process she has been a cheerleader, a guide, a confidant, and a safe space. I feel anyone that has had trauma create stumbling blocks to their success and overall personal fulfillment would benefit from her work.  

- Danni B., intuitive healer & coach


"Since coaching with Monika, I have been more focused and clear about the direction I am taking in my life.

Working with Monika has been amazing! She is kind, warm, intuitive, caring and definitely connected to Spirit. She is a gifted healer and she was able able to illuminate exactly what I needed to see within so that I could work on healing myself. She is definitely a light and a beautiful soul and I highly recommend working with her!”

- Robin, esthetician




IFS coaching blends mindfulness with neuroscience and calm, centered awareness. 


Both coach and client collaborate and communicate with wounded parts.


Compassionate inquiry is used to facilitate permanent healing while keeping with trauma-informed practices.

ifs based trauma recovery coaching 

let's be real.

no one wants to live in pain

Living with the effects of any degree of trauma can feel painful and debilitating.

Life after loss can feel meaningless and hopeless.

And despite your best efforts at recovery, many of you will still feel trapped in the past, stuck in trauma cycles, incapable of healing. I'm here to show a new way to heal. I know you're used to living with your trauma and grief...

But what if it didn't have to feel so heavy ALL THE TIME? What if you had a blueprint for your personal healing journey that would guarantee permanent healing? What if the healing process felt BRAND NEW, HEART-OPENING, and adventurous?



Leave your painful, trauma-filled past in the rearview mirror in a way that is deeply honoring.


Create an aligned vision for your new life that materializes over the course of our work.


Break up with shame, guilt, anger and all of the unhealthy patterns you've been replaying.


Enjoy heart-centered permanent healing and live a life of personal freedom, peace and joy.

this is for you.

Coaching with Monika after my loss forever changed my internal world for the better. 

it was the best decision.

- heather t., teacher



Book Your Connection Session 

Connection Sessions are for new clients only. If after this session you feel called to keep working with me, you'll join one of my 1:1 containers.


Join A Private Container

You can enjoy a short term, 3 Month or 1 Year VIP private mentorship with me.  My 1:1 containers offer the highest level of support.


Receive Ongoing Support

Once you become a private client, you automatically qualify for one of my extended support VIP benefit programs.  I believe it's imperative for all of my clients to receive ongoing support in their recovery process. 

The IFS model for trauma recovery is evidence-based.


IFS-based trauma recovery coaching is supportive and backed by neuroscience. While this approach does not replace other therapies, it is offered as a complement to most trauma-informed mental health treatments.

parts work

Your internal system deserves to heal.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based therapeutic treatment for trauma and loss. The goal of IFS is to embody Self and heal so the injured “parts” of you can live fully liberated, confident, and curious, guided by compassion. 

When you coach with me



+ heal your wounded parts in a safe container

+ become your own most powerful recovery coach

+ develop clarity and confidence 

want to live free?

let's thrive together →

After just one session I felt relaxed with a renewed sense of mental clarity.

she's a recovery expert.

- margaret K., entrepreneur

LET'S DO THIS Together, ok?

are you ready to heal?

I can't wait to hold space for you as you transform your inner and outer worlds.
You matter. You belong. And all the pain that you went through has led you on this path. Now, I invite you to take that first step forward towards permanent healing, inner peace and joy...



stay awhile + read


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