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are you ready to call in the one?

of love 

Invocation of Love is a 6 week journey of tapping into your heart and calling in your sacred partner. I believe that every man and woman can create connected, healthy, sacred love for life. I used the tools of the Invocation of Love Program to overcome a childhood of emotional abuse, to break painful patterns I’d carried into relationships for years, and ultimately create an epic, conscious, deeply loving and mutually honoring sacred partnership. 

love is waiting to be discovered.

This is not about finding "The One". This is a deeply intimate, immersive journey of becoming "The One." 

I believe you CAN experience healthy, connected, and sacred love with a partner who cherishes and honors you. And you so deserve to experience it in your lifetime. I held the desires and relationship dreams of each and every one of my present and future clients inside my heart when I created this immersive experience for you. During the course of this program, you will learn how to effectively heal your unhealthy relationship patterns and embody LOVE so that you can easily and effortlessly align with your sacred partner. 

Are you ready to atttract your person?

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"The program helped me identify what my core values are in relationships and helped me tap into my divine feminine energy more.  

Since completing the program , I can definitely say that I am attracting more quality men, and it feels like I’m a magnet for natural authentic opportunity to connect with the opposite sex. They are all showing up organically too! No more online dating."

- Laura A., Realtor


open your heart


Clear up the wreckage of your past and cut energy cords that may be lingering in your space so you can make way for the NEW.

deep dive  

Identify your core wounds, values, and non negotiables in relationship. We'll also define your sacred boundaries.

relational dynamics

Learn the art of conscious relating through practices and applications via 1-1 coaching. Program concludes with a sacred ceremony. 

it's never too late for love

you're not damaged goods

I created Invocation of Love for this very reason: to show heart led men and women who have experienced emotionally painful pasts how they can create and attract sacred partnership by first healing the relationship they have with themselves. 

In this 6 week container, I’ll be showing you exactly how you can heal your past wounding, integrate your past experiences with love and create new, empowering beliefs so that you can step into the energy of deserving and attract your sacred partner. ANYONE can benefit from this program, at any stage of their life. Sometimes, (and often times) love comes to us when we least expect it! 

IF YOu deeply want TO:


be fully seen in a relationship that’s safe, healthy, and wholesome with a divine partner who builds you up and helps you realize your highest potential


break free of unhealthy patterns from past relationships 


commit to doing the deep, core work that is required to prepare a container for sacred love 


enjoy emotional security in an emotionally attuned and fulfilling partnership

then Invocation
of Love is for you.

In life and in relationships, you will receive what you believe you deserve.
Get clear on what you offer, require, and request in relationship. Be open to receive the very best in life, and allow whatever is not in alignment to vibrate out of your heart so that whatever is in alignment can come inside."

attract love by becoming it

- monika hendrix 

program phases 1,2,& 3


Open Your Heart to Love 

During weeks 1 & 2, we'll prepare the container, define what love means to you and put into practice powerful heart chakra opening techniques. 


Dive Deep into Relational Healing

During weeks 3 & 4 we'll create more clarity around who you want to call in, discover what still needs to be healed and work on accessing Self energy. 


Conclusion: Sacred Ceremony

During weeks 5 & 6 we will create the dynamic for your future partnership, learn about what you offer, require, request and will receive in relationship and conclude the program with a sacred ceremony. 

When you commit to this


+ activate and embody your Divine Essence



+ RECEIVE High-level emotional support

reasy to call it in?

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weekly payment plan

6 Weeks of PDF's and videos to support your journey PLUS 6 private coaching sessions with me. What are you waiting for?! Let's get started!  



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