Monika Hendrix

I founded my practice, Heartcore Coaching, in 2016 after experiencing my own inner transformation as a result of healing some of my  past traumatic experiences and losses.

Since then, I have expanded my scope of practice to include trauma-informed grief and perinatal loss care. As a trauma and perinatal loss survivor myself, I recognize the safety and empowerment that trauma-informed principles bring to my work.  As a Certified Trauma, Grief and Perinatal Loss Recovery Coach, I provide a safe and nurturing space for you as we work together. My background includes training in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapeutic model for trauma recovery and Perinatal Loss Care, and for this reason, I’m able to offer my clients high-level support. 

My commitment is to help you work with your internal system to unburden your wounded parts so that you can heal from your past traumas and losses and experience fulfillment in life.

I help you achieve inner healing by utilizing a combination of trauma-informed, IFS based trauma and grief recovery coaching techniques to facilitate healing on an all-inclusive level. I believe that it’s never too late for someone to begin their healing process, and I believe that anyone who has experienced any type of trauma, heartache or loss deserves to THRIVE in all areas of their life. 

My practice embodies the spirit of selfless service and welcomes collaboration between the client and the coach. 

The 4 Core Principles of my Practice Are: 

My clients are people who are seeking guidance with their own healing process, whether that be healing from any degree of trauma, perinatal loss, processing grief, or a combination of all of the above. Although my specialty is in treating trauma and healing traumatic loss, my practice is multi-disciplinary. For that reason I've also offered a few joint offerings that my partner and I have developed over the years to help traumatized individuals in other areas of life, both personal and professional. 

My relationships with my clients are intimate, honest, heartfelt, and rewarding.

My 1:1 sessions, programs, workshops and courses are offered via Zoom online video conference calls. All coaching terms, programs, courses and workshops are scheduled directly through me.

All clients have the option of working with me at a level of service that feels right for them. 
For this reason, I designed my practice offerings so that you can work closely with me for 1 year, 3 months, or a shorter length of time when you sign up for one of my short term containers. I offer something for everyone, in consideration of budget and time commitment. 

My main focus is on YOUR GROWTH, at all times. I am here to support you in a way that feels safe and empowering as we work together.  A lot of our work will revolve around processing your trauma and/or loss using the ISF-based coaching methods, creating a blueprint for your present, and re-connecting you to your Self so that you can begin to tap into your personal power, create long lasting inner peace and find joy in your life. 

My goal is to guide you to a point in your process where you feel a sense of completion and fulfillment; on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. For example, if the focus of our work is on trauma recovery, then my goal is assisting you with restoring your mind-body connection so that you can experience liberation from your past and find fulfillment and joy in your present. 

I'm on a mission to help all trauma and loss survivors find permanent healing. 

When you’re ready, scroll down and click the button below to get started and schedule your first session.  We’re in this together.

In loving service, 

Monika Hendrix

Real survivors. 
Real results. 

Anyone who is feeling lost would benefit from working with Monika. 

HER Coaching is powerful.

- farrah, human rights advocate

Let's get woo-woo! (Yes, my practice has a spiritual side, too!) 
I absolutely LOVE the healing power of crystals and candles, don't you?

let's do this.

Heal Your Brain & Body From Trauma, Grief & Loss

I welcome all private client applications. Please inquire with more details about your goals and we'll set up a consultation to determine if we're a good fit.



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