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grief support for loss moms 

Grief Support for Loss Moms is a sequence of (5) healing containers that will guide you through every single phase of your baby loss journey.

Each container offers an
Internal Family Systems (IFS)-informed treatment framework that will guide you on how to navigate life, relationships and the grieving process after perinatal loss while addressing your trauma in a gentle and compassionate way.

From the moment you hear the words: “there’s no heartbeat” or you see that first tinge of blood on the bedsheets….from the moment your doctor hands you your baby who has transitioned before you could hear their first cry…or the moment you throw your hands up to the sky and declare “I’m done with this”...or the moment you find out your unborn baby has a medical condition that makes them incompatible with life…these containers will gently hold and guide you through the devastation of perinatal loss.

Just as each of your loss stories is unique, each one of the 5 healing containers is unique to your specific timeline on your baby loss journey. There is no one-size-fits-all for healing from the loss of a baby. You can explore one of these options, or multiple options. The choice is 100% yours.

Each container includes monthly 1:1 coaching sessions, unlimited private Voxer messaging, and complimentary virtual group support circles.

Think this might be for you?
Select a healing container from the list numbered below that feels the most aligned for the current timeline in your baby loss journey.  A 3 month commitment  is required to get started so that you can receive the most benefit from our work together. 

Feeling curious? Let's unpack a bit more. There's a reason why I'm offering all of this for you, mama..

my mission to help you is deeply personal. 

I am 1 in 100. I am a repeat second trimester and early pregnancy loss survivor and I know all-too-well how it feels to lose your baby. 

Throughout my baby loss journey, in the midst of inconsistency, chaos, and darkness, the ONE thing I have found to be consistent, clear, and bright is the unwavering support I’ve received from fellow loss moms. 

We all share an unspoken bond, bound by the painful trials and tribulations of our lives after loss. 

Inspired by this powerful display of camaraderie- I wanted to create something new for my fellow loss moms…something I desperately wish I had when I lost my first baby in 2013. Back then, I had no clue how to navigate next steps, and I had zero emotional and financial support. 

Birthed from the deep pain of my losses is a compassionate, tender and radically empowering series of (5) healing containers for women with a history of baby loss.  As a certified IFS-based trauma, grief and perinatal loss coach, I'm able to offer you trauma-focused, high-level support. Each one of these containers has been carefully designed to support, assist and advocate for you throughout your baby loss journey. 

Perinatal loss is very personal to me and it deserves to be honored through my service. 

Are you open to exploring new, healthy  ways of grieving the loss of your baby?

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"After my third baby died, I felt like I lost my will to live. I had trouble getting out of bed to face the day and my family was suffering.  

Monika was able to provide me with exactly what I needed to piece my life back together. We started working together monthly, with daily check-ins and within one week I was feeling supported and held by her care. 
She was able to understand me better than anyone-even my husband! I now have a glimpse of hope that I did not have before. I'm learning how to live with my losses and nurture my grief in a healthy way."

- Kendra R., mom to three angels 


next steps

your container:


Grief Support for Loss Moms: Navigating Next Steps 


Grief Support for Loss Moms: Navigating Medical Care and the TTC Journey After Loss 


Grief Support for Loss Moms: Navigating Pregnancy After Baby Loss


Grief Support for Loss Moms: Navigate Parenting Your Living Children After Baby Loss

Grief Support for Loss Moms: The End of the Rainbow

One day, one moment at a time, mama. 

This is the trailhead for all loss moms. Your starting point where we will map out an entire 1 year post-loss plan that offers you the most accurate and meaningful support, for your unique emotional, physical, medical, and financial needs. 

Advocacy and peer support for loss moms who are learning how to best navigate the medical system after baby loss, before and while TTC. Both holistic medicine and western medicine approaches can be explored. 

You’ll be gently supported with extra care and attention from the moment you get your BFP, (big fat positive), and throughout your entire pregnancy so that you can ease the amount of stress in your mind and body.

Parenting and grief support for moms who are mothering their living children while grieving the loss of their baby/babies. You’ll be held and supported during your grief journey so that you can enjoy full presence with your living children. 

When trying to conceive, adoption, or surrogacy is no longer an option. Learn how to grieve your decision in a healthy way and receive compassionate, understanding support.

Whether you enroll in one or all of these containers over the course of our work together , 


+ be gently supported throughout your baby loss journey by a fellow loss mom and certified trauma, grief + perinatal loss coach

+ LEARN how to move through the 5 gates of grief specific to baby loss using the internal family systems therapeutic model for trauma recovery 

+ access unlimited private voxer messaging in-between monthly 1:1 sessions 

+ meet with me virtually twice monthly for 1 hour 1:1 coaching and strategy sessions, with healing container-specific documents to support you on your path

+ have the option to attend monthly virtual group grief circles and receive support from the loss community

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Need some guidance deciding which healing container is right for you? Schedule a call with me and we'll come up with a plan that works best for you and your journey.



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