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Healing and High Performance

Business development is one of the core pillars of my practice.  In addition to trauma recovery coaching, I'm going to show you how to heal your core wounds so that you can step into your most powerful and impactful role as a conscious business owner and scale. 

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Ready to Level Up Your Personal Healing Journey While Scaling Your Business?

Did you know that healing and high performance go hand-in-hand? You truly cannot have one without the other.  Keep scrolling to read more about how you can heal your traumas while scaling your biz. 

I've got you covered.

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Real Talk: Are you "hiding out" in the back-end of your biz?

I see so many powerful, heart-led coaches "hiding out" in their business and if this is you- I want to help you understand what it means to be an empowered biz owner so you can come out of hiding and thrive. 

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Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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Sharing Your Story: The Fear of Judgment

Codependency in Business 

You'll benefit from my trauma-informed business development prograM if: 


You want to break out of your comfort zone and be a true leader.


You want a forward-focused coaching experience that yields results.


You want to ENJOY healing while up-leveling your business, life, relationhips and more.

Does this all sound good to you? If so, I invite you to join me inside EmpoweredUP: A 6 Month Program of Healing and High Performance for the heart-led conscious leader. This program was carefully curated by myself and top business consultant Devin J. Weafer, , to help our clients lay the groundwork for a successful and profitable service based business while simultaneously healing their traumas. Click the link below to apply today and enjoy a custom coaching experience in the EmpoweredUP 2:1 container. Your life, and business, is worth the investment! 

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I’m Monika,
YOUR trauma recovery guide

about your coach

I show heart-led men and women how to experience a life of liberation from the effects of their past traumas. 

I offer strategic, step-by-step trauma informed coaching methods that will help you create an impact as a powerful heart-led leader and cultivate meaningful, connected relationships in recovery. I believe that every man and woman has the power within them to heal and live a life beyond their wildest dreams! 


real clients. real results. 

“Monika's guidance has helped me move beyond stumbling blocks and patterns that I've been stuck in for years.”

- Danni B.

real clients. real results.

“I have BIG plans for this next phase of my life and I owe this newfound empowered version of myself to Monika.”

- Samantha F. 

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Enjoy working with me 1:1 in one of my private mentorship containers where you'll receive high-level support.

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giving back 

Healers With Humanity is an online humanitarian community on a mission to heal the world. Join us today.


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require all us-based
OB-GYNS to be trained in trauma-Informed Patient care

Please take a moment to sign the petition on requiring ALL US-Based OB-GYN physicians to be trained in trauma-informed perinatal loss care. Together we can help make a change. 

ready to heal?

come home to your self.

Get ready for intensive trauma, grief and perinatal loss recovery and discover powerful Self-leadership. During a session with me, we'll work closely together to identify how trauma distortions and unresolved grief might be preventing you from fully thriving in life.
We'll develop a clear plan of action that will help you shift towards integrated healing and a renewed sense of purpose. 



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