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Guiding you on your traumatic loss journey with the Internal Family Systems Therapeutic Model for Trauma, Grief and Perinatal Loss Support. 
 Because you are worth a life filled with purpose, connection, and love after loss.

what I do

IFS-Based Trauma Recovery

Coaching the internal system

Discover a therapeutic approach to trauma recovery coaching that complements adult survivors of childhood trauma and secondary adult trauma.  Based in the Hudson Valley and NYC, with online global reach.

My practice

Hello, beautiful human:

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your healing power?

My practice incorporates a blend of therapeutic coaching methods, highlighting forward focused Self-leadership, and the Internal Family Systems (IFS) evidence-based model for healing trauma, grief and perinatal loss. My methods are deeply healing, impactful and restorative. I believe that with the right tools, you can find your healing path.
One day at a time. 

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ways we can work together:


Enjoy a 3 Month or 1 Year VIP Mentorship. These are  focused, immersive, and intensive containers that offer the highest level of support from me. 


1:1 Session Packages are offered as (5) 1.5 hour sessions with me over the course of 3 months.
Custom PDF's are included for extra support. 


If you're not ready to dive into an immersive, long term mentorship experience just yet- then you are going to love my shorter term, signature offerings and group support circles. 

hello there.

I’m monika,
YOUR trauma, Grief + perinatal loss recovery guide

I show heart-led humans how to navigate the murky waters of trauma, grief, and
perinatal loss. 

I offer strategic, step-by-step IFS-informed coaching methods that will help you create a path forward that feels safe and purposeful after experiencing deep emotional pain. I believe that every individual has the innate power within them to heal, even after experiencing traumatic loss. Together, we can navigate trauma, grief, and perinatal loss in a connected and empowering way.  

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trauma, grief & loss

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She is wise, experienced, caring and intuitive, and a wonderful guide.

SHE'S A true heart healer.

- petra, petramourany.COM

grief support for loss moms

perinatal loss support 

(5) unique healing containers that will guide you through every single phase of your baby loss journey.

ifs based + supportive


Internal Family Systems (IFS) is the therapeutic model that I'll be using when we work together in one of my containers.



Complete one of my advanced trauma and grief recovery courses and heal your brain and body from the impact of complex trauma, grief and loss in a supportive way.

from my poetry


Pour yourself a cup of tea, light your favorite scented candle and get cozy in your favorite reading nook. Indulge in my poetry and evoke your own poet within. 

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my favorite

Sound therapy has powerful benefits for healing from CPTSD. Check out my favorite meditation that heals the heart chakra and adds to instant relaxation and benefit. Listen with headphones for best sound.

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connect with loss mamas worldwide

Sign up for Loss Mama Link Up:
A FREE virtual meet up for loss mamas. Be prepared for a casual and relaxed virtual gathering where we can share, be seen, connect, and feel supported by our fellow loss mamas.

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mirror work for self love

My mantras and affirmations embody deep self love and healing vibes.  Email me to request access and recite them several times a day for optimal results.  You deserve to FEEL good!

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require all us-based
OB-GYNS to be trained in trauma-Informed Patient care

Please take a moment to sign the petition on requiring ALL US-Based OB-GYN physicians to be trained in trauma-informed perinatal loss care. Together we can help make a change. 

ready to heal?

come home to your self.

Get ready for intensive trauma, grief and perinatal loss recovery and discover powerful Self-leadership. During a session with me, we'll work closely together to identify how trauma distortions and unresolved grief might be preventing you from fully thriving in life.
We'll develop a clear plan of action that will help you shift towards integrated healing and a renewed sense of purpose. 



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Join me on YouTube and listen to my Trauma Recovery 101 Video Series where my colleagues and I chat about talk all things trauma and healing.

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